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Truth is not always as it looks on the surface


All is not as it looks.  The statement itself inherently demands an examination of topics that are controversial, contrary to popular belief, and perhaps even unsettling.  After all, controversy inevitably arises when some bring forward facts that challenge common understanding of reality; lacking such facts, there is no controversy.

Just because most people believe something is true doesn’t make it true.  For example, Copernicus was a controversial minority of one against everyone else when he proposed that the Earth orbits the sun, rather than the other way around.  It took 150 years and more for the truth championed by Copernicus to supplant the commonly held, erroneous belief that the sun revolved around the earth.  ( )

I remember going to Knott’s Berry Farm where they have an attraction called “The Haunted Shack.”  (For more, see )  In that house water flows up hill, chairs are sitting in defiance of gravity, and the building appears to be swaying.  The attraction actually makes some people feel nauseous!  This attraction is a perfect example of what happens when perception and reality conflict in the physical world:  It can make us physically sick.  We react similarly when we experience a collision between perception and reality in our minds:  It can make us mentally sick.

So when confronted by unexpected and perhaps uncomfortable facts in these topics, consider that they may or may not represent the real truth.  Our mission is to seek the truth, discern it, and live by it.  Otherwise we will become mentally sick, delusional, and insane.

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