Not as it Looks

Truth is not always as it looks on the surface

The Window

One bright sunny day John and Joe were walking on the sidewalk next to a decrepit looking old house.
“There is a beautiful lamp behind that window,” John said to Joe as they walked by the window of the old house.
“I don’t believe it.  All I see is myself in a mirror,” was the response, for all Joe could see was his own reflection in the mirror-like window.

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But I know there is an expensive, beautiful lamp in an exquisitely furnished room full of antiques behind that window,” John reiterated.
“How do you know?  Have you been there?”
“No, I haven’t been there, but Peter told me.  And I trust him.  He always tells the truth.”
“I still don’t believe it.  All I see is a reflection of myself.  How does he know?  Has he been in the house?”

“No, he never claimed that.  But he said he saw it personally.”
“No, it makes no sense,” Joe responded.  “Just look at that house, all broken down, paint peeling and all.   There can’t be anything expensive in that run down place!  Besides it’s all locked up and looks like no one’s been in there for ages.  And I’ve never seen anything other than myself in the window.  I just can’t believe it.”
There being nothing more to say, the two walked quietly the rest of the way.

Next day, as John was going home alone shortly after sunset, he was drawn to go by way of the old house.  As he walked by the window, he was awestruck by what he saw.  It took his breath away:  A beautiful silver floor lamp, all lit up in a room full of exquisite antiques, superimposed on his own image!  His heart raced from excitement, “So it really is exactly as Peter claims!  What a shame Joe isn’t here to see it, too.  Maybe he’d believe then.”

John could never forget what he saw that day; he wanted more than anything not just to look through the window, but to go into that house.  Of course he couldn’t.

John and Joe walked by that window many more times during the following months and years, but all that was visible was their own image in the mirror-like glass.  Although John was now a believer and insisted that he had personally seen the lamp, Joe never accepted it.

The window, you see, offered a glimpse into eternity and Heaven.  But John could only get that glimpse when he believed and sought it under the right conditions.  Our window into eternity is a one-way mirror:  We can only see our own reflections in the harsh light of this world.   But when we allow this world’s light to grow dim, then the gentle light of Heaven will shine brightly through the window and illuminate another world, one much larger and more beautiful than this one.  If you look earnestly, you can see through the one way mirror and glimpse eternity and the Lamp of Heaven:  Christ Jesus our Savior.

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