Not as it Looks

Truth is not always as it looks on the surface


Counter-Cut is a periodic sampling of interesting news items that are unreported or under-reported in the mainsstream media

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“There are two sides to every story,” goes the saying.  “…at least,” one should add.

What is being reported in the mainstream media as news today is not necessarily the truth.  Oftentimes the mainstream media report news from a biased perspective or simply don’t report it all; the truth may be quite different from what is reported.  Relying on “alternative” news sources exclusively may be just as perilous.

How can an intelligent reader discern the truth if only one side of a matter is presented in the media?  In these blogs I will try to present another side so that you may decide the real truth of the matter.

There is also a saying “Where there is smoke, there is fire.”  If “another side” does not exist, then the story can probably be accepted as a reasonable representation of the truth.  However, if one does exist, that is the smoke signal that all may not be as reported and further research is warranted.

Let the entries in this blog serve as the smoke signals, as indicators, that all is not always as it looks from the mainstream media.  Let these entries spur you to do your own personal research for the real truth.

...because all is not as it looks

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