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Truth is not always as it looks on the surface


All is not as it looks

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We are easily fooled.  Sometimes we fool ourselves.  Sometimes others fool us.  Sometimes we can’t make up our minds and vacillate back and forth between one perspective and another.

The image on the top left is either a picture of a vase or a picture of two young women.  Which do you see?  Now consciously look for the other picture in the image.  See how easily your mind can be changed simply through the power of suggestion?

The image on the lower right is either a picture of a young girl or an old lady.  Which do you see?  Now consciously look for the other.

Next focus on each image for a little while.  You will see first one picture, then the other, then the first again as your mind can’t decide the truth.

Whatever you first perceived in these images, your mind could be easily convinced through the power of suggestion that it’s really otherwise.  Now imagine if you were constantly bombarded with messages demanding that you see only the second picture in each image.  Sooner or later, you will only see the second picture and maybe not even recognize the first any more.

How easily our eyes are fooled!  How much more easily can our minds be fooled when we’re considering something intangible, something we can’t see such as politics, science, and morals.  How easily our minds can be turned away from the truth!

All is not as it looks. Sometimes we fail to see the truth because we’re locked into a perspective given to us.  Let this site unlock your mind by showing you another perspective, as with the images on this page.  Then, and only then, can you perceive and discern The Truth.  Enjoy!

Don’t be fooled!  All is not as it looks...
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